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EP. #7.01

#7.01 - "4:30am (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)"
Prod. #N/A (Original Air Date - 09/14/2009)
In the seventh season opener, Nathan learns of a shocking accusation that could threaten his career, much to the chagrin of his sports agent Clay. Brooke prepares to launch a new fashion line, and Julian decides to produce a big movie. Haley's sister Quinn makes a surprise visit. Meanwhile, Jamie celebrates his 7th birthday.

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Buy Now"Quicksand" - Bethany Joy Galeotti (of Everly)
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Opening montage: Dan opens with a speech.; Haley records a song at Red Bedroom Records.; Brooke and Julian kiss on a California beach.; Quinn takes photos of a little girl holding a bullet.; Clay tries to cut a sports deal on the phone.; Nathan plays basketball.; Jamie adds a new photo of his Nathan to his shrine.

This artist was also heard in episodes #1.14, #2.06, #2.07, #2.08, #2.09, #3.01, #3.02, #3.09, #3.10, #3.15, #5.14, #5.18, #6.01, #6.07, #6.10 & #6.11
Buy Now"Belated Promise Ring" - Iron & Wine
Album: Around the Well (Sub Pop)
Official Site: http://www.ironandwine.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ironandwine

Mouth asks Skillz to move out.; Brooke and Julian talk in the limo on the way to his Hollywood movie premiere.
Buy Now"Devil May Dance" - AJ Roach
Album: Revelation (Waterbug Records)
Official Site:
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ajroach

Nathan films a Rainstorm body spray commercial.
Buy Now"Rock Paper Scissors" - The Parlotones
Album: Radiocontrolledrobot (Phantom Sound & Vision)
Official Site: http://www.powerzone.co.za
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/theparlotones

Quinn arrives for Jamie's birthday and a cake fight begins!
Buy Now"Hollow Notes" - Novi Split
Album: Hush Records 10th Anniversary Compilation (Hush)
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Julian tells Brooke about an opportunity he has to produce a film in New Zealand.
Buy Now"Chasing The Daylight" - Phillip LaRue
Album: Let The Road Pave Itself (BEC)
Official Site: http://www.philliplarue.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/philliplarue

Nathan introduces Quinn to Clay at Jamie's birthday party.

This artist was also heard in episode #6.19.
Buy Now"That Look You Give That Guy" - EELS
Album: Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire (Vagrant)
Official Site: http://www.eelstheband.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/eels

Jamie opens a gift from Lucas and gets a birthday surprise visit from Jerry Rice.

This band was also heard in episode #3.08.
Buy Now"Heart" - Annie Stela
Album: Hard City EP (Oliver Records)
Official Site:
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/anniestela

Haley and Quinn pour some wine and talk about Quinn's husband, David.; Jamie and Nathan play basketball at the rivercourt.; Clay arrives at his beach house.; Julian tells Brooke that he's not taking the job in New Zealand.

This artist was also heard in episode #4.06.
Buy Now"Love Like A Sunset, Pt. II" - Phoenix
Album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Glass Note)
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Clay gets a visit from the Rainstorm commercial model.; Quinn tells a story to Jamie.; Haley rushes over to Red Bedroom Records where she meets Miranda Stone.
Buy Now"Out of Reach (So Far Away)" - Matthew Perryman Jones
Album: Available on iTunes
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CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

This artist is also heard in episode #6.03.

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