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Theme Music"I Don't Want To Be," performed by Gavin DeGraw played during the opening credits of One Tree Hill, otherwise known as the 'theme song'. You can purchase the song, buying Gavin's debut album Chariot.

"I Don't Want To Be" performed by Gavin DeGraw
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Gavin DeGrawChariot, Gavin DeGraw's J Records debut, introduces the world to a vital, magnetic young artist whose abundant talent and charisma are already well known to New York club-goers. The 11-song collection is a remarkably accomplished and compelling first effort, offering the same combination of raw emotion and eloquent song-craft that originally drew hometown fans to the 26-year-old singer/songwriters/pianist/guitarist's live shows.

In a remarkably short time, DeGraw's effortlessly intimate, emotionally intense live performances have made him the toast of Manhattan's downtown music scene, building public anticipation for the release of his first studio album.

Chariot doesn't disappoint. On such emotionally forthright, melodically arresting originals as "Just Friends," "Crush" and "Follow Through," DeGraw writes lyrics that muse on life and love with a hard-won insight that belies his age.

And he sings his songs in a gently raspy, effortlessly emotive voice that carries a level emotional depth that's remarkable for one so young, conveying the elation of love and the pain of heartbreak with equal assurance.

NOTE: "I Don't Want To Be" was heard during the first four seasons of the show. For the fifth season finale Gavin made a cameo and performed it with Jackson Brundage (who plays little Jamie, Nathan and Haley's son) where the opening credits would normally be shown. The audio from Gavin and Jackson's scene can be heard in place of the original version on the The Complete Fifth Season of One Tree Hill DVD set.

Gavin's music can be heard in episodes: #101, #104, #109, #121, #216, #217, #3.19, #3.20, #3.22, #5.11, #5.16 & #5.18.

For more on Gavin, visit his official website: http://www.gavindegraw.com


The ScoresYou know when instrumental music plays on "One Tree Hill"? That's called a Score, and two of the men responsible for those melodies and helping bring our show to life are composers, Mark Snow and John E. Nordstrom.

MARK SNOW :: composer | season 1 & 2                                                                                                IMDB Profile
Mark Snow

Emmy-nominated composer, Mark Snow has composed music for shows such as "Smallville," "The X Files", "La Femme Nikita," and even "The Love Boat."

Snow's work has been featured in movies like "Disturbing Behavior," and the made-for-television films "Helter Skelter" & Lifetime's "She's Too Young." In fact his work goes all the way back to 1975!

Snow composed music for "One Tree Hill" during its first two seasons.

JOHN NORDSTROM :: composer | season 3 & 4                                                                                   IMDB Profile
John Nordstrom

John E. Nordstrom's composing credits include the television series "Judge Joe Brown," "Las Vegas," and both Miss USA (2003) and Miss Universe (2003) Pageants. He's also composed for movies such as the made-for-TV "Prince William," the 2004 films "5ive Days to Midnight" and "Black Cloud" as well as 2005's "Nearing Grace" that starred Everwood's Gregory Smith, Jordana Brewster, and David Moscow.

More recently Nordstrom has been composing music for season three of "One Tree Hill." His work may have really stood out to you in the very powerful episode #3.16 - "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept".

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